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Adult Autism Assessment

At the Autism Assessment Centre, we understand that autism affects every individual differently. Our assessments are designed to identify autism so that you get the support you need to reach your potential.

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Common signs of autism in adults can include:

  • Preference for a consistent routine or to go to places you know well.

  • Becoming anxious when your routine is disrupted.

  • Difficulty putting yourself in the shoes of others and imagining how they are feeling or what they are thinking.

  • Taking things said by other people literally and struggling with social banter.

  • Struggling to communicate and express your emotions and feelings to other people.

  • Experiencing exhaustion following social events.

Benefits of an adult assessment

  • It may help you, your family, friends, partner, employer and colleagues better understand you, so that you can support yourself and they can help to support you. 

  • It may correct a previous misdiagnosis and mean that any mental health difficulties can be better addressed. 

  • It may help you to get access to appropriate services and benefits. 

  • You will be entitled to have reasonable adjustments made by your employer, college or university.

  • A diagnosis can help make sense of your life experiences, highlight your strengths, and improve self-worth.

The Assessment Process

A brief outline of each step of our assessment process is provided below. Further information is  available following your consultation and booking confirmation. 

1  |  Clinical interview (1 -2.5 hours)
2  |  ADOS (observational interview 1:1) (1 -1.5 hours)
3  |  Additional questionnaires
4  |  Review of relevant medical reports
5  |  Multidisciplinary team diagnostic meeting
6  |  Feedback appointment
7  |  Comprehensive assessment report
8  |  Post-diagnostic support pack
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