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Child Autism Assessment

At the Autism Assessment Centre we understand that autism affects every individual differently. Our assessments are designed to identify autism in children so that they get the support they need to reach their potential.

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Common signs of autism in children can include:

  • Difficulty making and maintaining friendships with other children.

  • Repeating others speech (including phrases from TV or YouTube characters).

  • Prefer predictable and consistent routines and may get anxious or struggle if things unexpectedly change within their regular routine.

  • Have special interests and prefer activities or conversations linked to this.

  • Struggle to use or read non-verbal communication (facial expressions, eye contact or body language). 

  • Take things that other people say literally and struggle with ‘banter’ in the classroom.

Benefits of having your child assessed for autism:

  • Provides an early diagnosis (if warranted) for your child – enables them and you to have more knowledge and understanding of your child’s strengths and skills, along with the areas in which they may need more support.

  • Enables your child to access relevant therapies, support and accommodations to help them improve their social and communication skills.

  • Enables your child to feel a sense of validation in their struggles and removes the possibility of them receiving unhelpful labels in school.   

The Assessment Process

A brief outline of each step of our assessment process is provided below. Further information is available following your consultation and booking confirmation. 

1  |  Clinical interview with parent or carer (1 -2 hours)
2  |  ADOS (observational interview 1:1 with the child) (1 -1.5 hours)
3  |  Information gathering from school/nursery
4  |  Additional questionnaires
5  |  Review of relevant medical reports
6  |  Multidisciplinary team diagnostic meeting
7  |  Feedback appointment
8  |  Comprehensive assessment report
9  |  Post-diagnostic support pack
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