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Teacher Assisting a Student

Autism in Education

Our therapists can offer training about identifying autistic traits in children and young people and how to support them to reach their potential in the classroom and thrive in their educational settings. 

Autism in the Classroom - Common Signs

Autism can manifest differently in every autistic individual. Below are some common, indicative signs that teachers might observe in the classroom. 


​​​​It is important to note that having one or a few of these signs does not necessarily mean a student has autism, as these behaviours can also be typical of other developmental stages or conditions.

Difficulties with social relationships

Communication differences

Repetitive behaviours

Sensory differences

Intense interests

Difficulties with transition and/or unstructured times

Lack of empathy / an overly emotional empathic response

Repetitive play patterns (in primary)

Insistence on routine / struggling with change

Successful but depleting masking in school

Autism Services for Educational Establishments

Child Counseling

Autism Assessments

Service Name

We offer comprehensive autism assessments which are fully NICE-compliant. 

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Teacher Training

We offer bespoke training to teaching staff in recognising and supporting neurodivergent children and young people.

Child Therapy

1:1 Student Support

We offer 1:1 or small-group therapy and support to neurodivergent children and young people. 

Over a cup of tea
"Faye and her team managed my sons autism assessment and I couldn’t be more grateful for how thorough, thoughtful and supportive the process was. I highly recommend them"
"We've had a good read through and think Faye's report should really help all the agencies and professionals who support L..."

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